Beyond Liberal Disconnect

Governance  should be made more transparent, more accountable. Better Health care , improving quality of education ,poverty alleviation, job creation, Better standard of living,  should be the focus of policy makers .over all decision making should be inclusive given the socio-economic divide our country has. Accountability for  Policy making,  Implementation, project cost ,target- gap ,time based deliverance is need of the hour. and peoples should held people in power responsible  in case of failure of these critical issue

It is good  to see a  united peaceful people movement.Social reform  need persistence, voice for justice against Majoritarianism ,prejudice, and tolerance for plurality of thought.

Empathy for weak should not  be high jacked by any identity based polarization. People should not be carried away by mere slogans and personality.  It is people welfare that matters, beyond any patriotism ,regionalism ,nationalism. We are instinct driven ,animal spirit in us drive us to seek identity based union. People tend to fall for orator, anarchist .is there a way forward to overcome this behavioural psychology ?

Change in system should be brought in by the people. Sustained interaction with the system which is collapsed in almost all aspects. for example with purposeful delay in appointment of  judges. Number of vacant post in judiciary resulted in increase in number of pending cases causing system to collapse. the last resort for a weak is judiciary. Many livelihood depends on the justice if only it is delivered on time .judiciary is just one example similar is the case for quality of education etc

it is easily said than done. Some elite even hide their hate in the name of development etc.Just  by manipulation of emotions  (with hidden motives) got popular support,making a non- issue a highlight. polarization of Us Vs Them debate, help hide all the failures of people in power and take us back to square one, where we are forced to discuss about even fundamental rights  (example  food habits- beef ). Majority taking pride in being conservative and resisting liberal ideas.thus cow ,bull, dressing sense , mandir etc takes the Center Stage making us forget the real issue of safety and women empowerment etc . It is mere PR stunt to project someone as sole protector and taking pride of a identity. (Ex: in the name of cultural practices). thus scope of governance shift focus on construction of statue etc instead of spending on infrastructure development. Way forward should be  taking people along in progressive modern ideas. ( example empowering people with English skill  etc) .

Written on 21/1/17


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