Pale blue dot


this is pale blue dot is the picture of planet earth .

Carl sagan famous astronomer noted: “that’s home. That’s us. On it the aggregate of  every creator and destroyer of civilization, thousands of confident religion, ideologies and economic doctrines, every king  and peasant, every supreme leader, every sinner and saint  in the history of  our spices lived there- on a mote of dust suspended in a sun beam.”   Our we are surrounded by a grand and glorious cosmos, heaven beyond our comprehension. Every discovery scientist make today underlines just much is still to be seen. Astronomers now estimate there are around 70000 million million stars in visible galaxy alone. one of the striking think is not all that we can see but all that we can’t. Our world is terrifying in its insignificance. Scientist aren’t sure just how big the universe is .our solar system is tiny in the midst of the vast milky way ,which itself is only one of billions of other galaxies in the known universe.

Caste, religion, region  based identity is insignificant .our planet earth is only a tiny speck in  Indescribable god’s universe . our wealth , pride etc  does not bring us real self esteem. self worth is much more than that. it is not in any of these identity. We are tempted to shrink god down to our size. Wonders of  his universe  awe-inspiring reminder of just who we are dealing with. looking behind the scenes at the laws of physics,they find a number of constants which if altered by even tiny degrees would make the existence of life and order impossible. Statistical probability that living organism would be generated by accident is zero.

Yet for love god chose to come to this mote of Dust. All powerful hands of the maker became the nail pierced hands of the saviour. He who made everything made himself nothing.the one who commands the sun ,moon, and stars in their courses above took on the nature of servant .the truth is he who calls out stars and names them one by one ,know each of us by name is  grace of astronomic proportions. his rescue mission also defies odds .his resurrection life bridging the way back to the arms of our maker.


REF:Indescribable -Louie giglio



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