Pale blue dot


this is pale blue dot is the picture of planet earth .

Carl sagan famous astronomer noted: “that’s home. That’s us. On it the aggregate of  every creator and destroyer of civilization, thousands of confident religion, ideologies and economic doctrines, every king  and peasant, every supreme leader, every sinner and saint  in the history of  our spices lived there- on a mote of dust suspended in a sun beam.”   Our we are surrounded by a grand and glorious cosmos, heaven beyond our comprehension. Every discovery scientist make today underlines just much is still to be seen. Astronomers now estimate there are around 70000 million million stars in visible galaxy alone. one of the striking think is not all that we can see but all that we can’t. Our world is terrifying in its insignificance. Scientist aren’t sure just how big the universe is .our solar system is tiny in the midst of the vast milky way ,which itself is only one of billions of other galaxies in the known universe.

Caste, religion, region  based identity is insignificant .our planet earth is only a tiny speck in  Indescribable god’s universe . our wealth , pride etc  does not bring us real self esteem. self worth is much more than that. it is not in any of these identity. We are tempted to shrink god down to our size. Wonders of  his universe  awe-inspiring reminder of just who we are dealing with. looking behind the scenes at the laws of physics,they find a number of constants which if altered by even tiny degrees would make the existence of life and order impossible. Statistical probability that living organism would be generated by accident is zero.

Yet for love god chose to come to this mote of Dust. All powerful hands of the maker became the nail pierced hands of the saviour. He who made everything made himself nothing.the one who commands the sun ,moon, and stars in their courses above took on the nature of servant .the truth is he who calls out stars and names them one by one ,know each of us by name is  grace of astronomic proportions. his rescue mission also defies odds .his resurrection life bridging the way back to the arms of our maker.


REF:Indescribable -Louie giglio



Beyond Liberal Disconnect

Governance  should be made more transparent, more accountable. Better Health care , improving quality of education ,poverty alleviation, job creation, Better standard of living,  should be the focus of policy makers .over all decision making should be inclusive given the socio-economic divide our country has. Accountability for  Policy making,  Implementation, project cost ,target- gap ,time based deliverance is need of the hour. and peoples should held people in power responsible  in case of failure of these critical issue

It is good  to see a  united peaceful people movement.Social reform  need persistence, voice for justice against Majoritarianism ,prejudice, and tolerance for plurality of thought.

Empathy for weak should not  be high jacked by any identity based polarization. People should not be carried away by mere slogans and personality.  It is people welfare that matters, beyond any patriotism ,regionalism ,nationalism. We are instinct driven ,animal spirit in us drive us to seek identity based union. People tend to fall for orator, anarchist .is there a way forward to overcome this behavioural psychology ?

Change in system should be brought in by the people. Sustained interaction with the system which is collapsed in almost all aspects. for example with purposeful delay in appointment of  judges. Number of vacant post in judiciary resulted in increase in number of pending cases causing system to collapse. the last resort for a weak is judiciary. Many livelihood depends on the justice if only it is delivered on time .judiciary is just one example similar is the case for quality of education etc

it is easily said than done. Some elite even hide their hate in the name of development etc.Just  by manipulation of emotions  (with hidden motives) got popular support,making a non- issue a highlight. polarization of Us Vs Them debate, help hide all the failures of people in power and take us back to square one, where we are forced to discuss about even fundamental rights  (example  food habits- beef ). Majority taking pride in being conservative and resisting liberal ideas.thus cow ,bull, dressing sense , mandir etc takes the Center Stage making us forget the real issue of safety and women empowerment etc . It is mere PR stunt to project someone as sole protector and taking pride of a identity. (Ex: in the name of cultural practices). thus scope of governance shift focus on construction of statue etc instead of spending on infrastructure development. Way forward should be  taking people along in progressive modern ideas. ( example empowering people with English skill  etc) .

Written on 21/1/17



“We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented – Elie Wiesel


Here is a list of facts which highlights the Indian positive story, a definitive ‘Silent Revolution’ being ushered in India by the ‘System’ itself. Facts can only be measured, but can’t be denied.


It is not because the poor belonged to a certain caste or religion that the central government provided a guarantee for rural employment to over 48 million households. The government had not checked before providing food security to 67% of our population whether this would feed a particular religious group.

India became the 3rd Largest Economy in the World and 2nd Fastest Growing, despite Global Meltdown. A decade of economic prosperity has allowed millions and millions of families to realize their upwardly revised aspirations and life experiences (average GDP 8% in last decade. India’s Per Capita Income in 2004-05 was Rs 24,143. It is now increased to Rs 68,747 in 2013. Only 2.7% pay tax, though we have one of the lowest tax-to-GDP ratios).


Food for all: subsidized food grain to 67% (81 crore people) of India’s 1.2 billion people by Food Security Bill. Beneficiaries under the scheme would get rice at Rs.3, wheat at Rs.2 & coarse grains at Rs.1/kg. Food is now a ‘Right’ NO INDIAN SLEEPS HUNGRY. Food Bill will help wipe out menace of bogus ration cards, reach desired beneficiaries.

What’s cheap food for the poor in India is healthy and expensive nutrition for the rich in the west. India’s cheapest grains, disappearing in most of the country, are now much sought after cereals in America. They are priced in (US) some 500 times more than what New Delhi will supply its poor under the food security legislation at Rs.1 per kg. That’s less than two US cents per kg at current exchange rates. In contrast, the same coarse grains in the US are priced at a staggering $10 (Rs.630) and above per kilogram.


“If you do good, people may accuse you of selfish ulterior motives; The good you do today will be forgotten tomorrow. Do good anyway. It is between you and God; It was never between you and them anyway”

Social Inclusion: Under Mahatma Gandhi NREGA – Last Year – 5 crore accounts have been opened in 97000 villages in the country, 8 crore New Bank Accounts For Rural India, Land Bills, Mid-Day Meal Scheme, 10.52 crore school children provided meals daily. No where in the world, this has happened. 32 Lakh New BPL Electricity Connections and 8000 Villages electrified in last 1 Year. More than 2 lakh kilometers of new roads have been added to the rural road network in 9 years. With around 96.5 crore telephone connections, India is the second largest telecom market in the world today. Nearly 38 million houses obtained tap water connections during the last decade. More than 44 million families moved into own houses during last two 5 Year Plans. Aadhaar scheme, Direct Cash Transfer Enabled Service Delivery system identifies target beneficiaries of Govt’s schemes. do you really want to compare central  government, which pulled 138 million Indians out of poverty in a decade to any other

Women Empowerment: The Criminal Law (Amendment) Act, 2013 has been passed by the Parliament. It’s a strong Anti-Rape law which advocates death penalty in rarest of rare rape cases. Government initiates time-bound action plan to strengthen the police and administration to combat sexual crimes against women. An amount of Rs. 7515.72 crore has been projected for various schemes/programme relating to women to be implemented by the Ministry in the 12th Plan. Today, about 40% of the elected representatives in panchayats are women, compared to a reservation of 33% mandated for them. This is quiet a revolution. Do we really need to compare central to a party whose mothership, doesn’t even allow women to become members.

Anticorruption: All parties need to get on board to defeat corruption. India ushered in a revolution of transparency and fight against corruption by RTI Act. In the last year itself close to 10 lakh people, in all parts of our country sought information from the Central government authorities. Lokpal and the Lokayukta bill have been already introduced in the parliament. Whistle Blowers Protection Bill, Judicial Standards and Accountability Bill, Foreign Exchange Management Act etc., to tackle Black Money and many more bills passed.

Agriculture: Storing capacity of 1.5 crore tons of food grains created in last 1 year.

Education: Right to Education Act for every child should attend school education. Almost 5 lakh new schools were built in India in past one year. 6.8 lakh teachers have been appointed during the last 2 years. 7 NEW IIM’S, 8 NEW IIT’S and 10 NEW NIT’S were recently established.

National security: Government established a National Intelligence Grid NATGRID for security. Visible reduction in Naxal Related Incidents and Terror Related Incidents in Kashmir is a witness for national security.

Balanced agenda: Loan waiver for poor farmers and rural jobs guarantee. By US-India Civil Nuclear Agreement, FDI caught the fancy of urban India. All these developments and many more achievements in Health (Rs 27,000 crore in 2011-2012), science and technology, defence (over 2 Lakh crore) etc., despite Parliament supremacy is obstructed by many who believe in anarchism and pessimism with no constructive suggestions.

Largest Democracy:“The Constitution declares India to be a sovereign, secular, democratic republic”. Over 92% people living in India are not the original inhabitants of India.  Their ancestors came from outside, mainly from the North West. There is tremendous diversity in India, so many religions, castes, languages, ethnic groups, etc.


“Indian nationalism is not based on language, geography, ethnicity and religion, but is that of an idea of an ever-ever land emerging from an ancient civilization, united by a shared history, sustained by pluralist democracy”.  

            False Equivalence: We cannot have a national leader someone suspected of ethnic cleansing, a euphemism for mass murder along sectarian lines. Pseudo-religious, power hungry, bigotry, intolerance narrow and sectarian (which drew inspiration from Hitler’s ideology of racial purity) ideologies led to divisiveness. A State claim vibrant development model standing at 13th out of 17 big states in Hunger Index, 11th in the Per Capita Income having high malnutrition, school dropout rate, zero interest loan to capitalist, high farmer suicide ,twisted lokayukta, fake encounters . The list of false claims and lopsided growth is endless.

Change in me: There are many challenges like many steeped in casteism, communalism, superstitions, backward, feudal ideas and practices. It is not the change of government but a change of conscious of every individual for the Himalayan miracle to happen. Activist is not someone who says river is dirty, but someone who cleans the river. If Shouting and screaming at every evening could produce solutions to difficult and complex problems, India would have been the most efficacious and working corner of planet earth.

(written in 2013)

Idea of India


Challenges in India are immense, more probably than anywhere else. By considering these challenges and its neighbors, it is even more astounding that the most diverse nation on Earth, with hundreds of languages, all religions and cultures, is not only surviving, but thriving   by the idea of liberal- secular- democracy.


Over 92% people living in India are not the original inhabitants of India.  Their ancestors came from outside, mainly from the North West. There is tremendous diversity in Indian nation where Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism were born. India is the second largest Muslim nation on Earth and Christianity has existed for over 2000 years. It has so many religions, castes, languages, ethnic groups, etc.


“You drive every half an hour you see a different language, different dialect, different food and probably a different religion as well.” Secularism is not a word, its a state-of-mind, its mutual respect for different belief systems, its about acknowledging and accepting plurality among national races.


“Indian nationalism is not based on language, geography, ethnicity and religion, but is that of an idea of an ever-ever land emerging from an ancient civilization, united by a shared history, sustained by pluralist democracy”. 


There are many challenges like many steeped in casteism, communalism, superstitions, backward, feudal ideas and practices pseudo-religious, power-hungry, bigotry and intolerance. Narrow and sectarian ideologies which drew inspiration from Hitler’s ideology of racial purity led to divisiveness. Fighting against communalism and religious fanaticism is a tireless one. India’s secular and plural ethos has to be constantly defended from forces trying to spread hate and assert the supremacy of one religion over another. Principles of secularism and democracy would uphold the sovereignty, unity and integrity of India.


Steps for growth            

Infrastructure (Industrial corridor), human capital, business regulation, finance (inclusive, banking, monetary (rbi)), Promote equity by redistribution of income – PDS, NREGA and other welfare programs.

The education system

Learning has to be a joyous experience. the method of teaching must inspire people to learn new things

and search knowledge.Is it the fault of system to make us memorize and repeat or our mental makeup of the system made us to  do so?

perceptive of learning should not be on marks, jobs, indeed marks play  vital role in competitive world .do marks , job satisfaction alone serves life purpose or is it more?

Disclaimer: This is NOT from a person  with COGNITIVE DISSONANCE